Bottom of the Bay

by The Tortured

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released July 29, 2016

The Tortured is:
Johnny Lawrie - Vocals, Guitar
Danville Dan - Bass, Guitar
Brooks Wally - Drums, Vocals

Recorded at Shine On Studio in Oakland, CA
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by David Hughes
Additional guitars performed and recorded by Dan Pottorff

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The Tortured San Francisco, California

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Track Name: Where I Can Be Free
Going down to Ocean Beach to see the waves
Going to where my guitar craves
Playing some music and soaking up the sunny rays
Watching the coast fade away
Turning tomorrow into today

Going to where I want to be
Where I can grab hold of the sun
Where I can be free
Where I can be free

Fingers melting into strings
Notes chiming when I sing
Riding the waves that life is throwing me
A bright star I will be
Track Name: I Feel Alone
Life drags me down
Makes me look like a clown
I go down to the beach
Waves within my reach
Blowing up the music scene
Smoking that dank green

I don't want to be alone
I don't want to be alone
Call me back on the cell phone
Throw this dog a bone
Cuz I feel alone.

Make me feel good
Make me feel the way I should
Let's go down to the beach
Waves within our reach
Let's go to the show
Let's go go go
Track Name: With You
People run in and out of my life
I know a special girl
When she left it felt like a cold knife
Ripping my insides out through

I felt better with you
When I was with you

It was raining everywhere in the Bay Area
Except for San Francisco where the sun shines
We walked around on Ocean Beach
The sun was bright because you were here with me
And now you're gone and I'm singing this sad song
Writing our names in the sand
Taking your hands
And now I don't know what to do here without you

Without you

You take away my loneliness
You take away my pain
And everything that came with it
I hope to see you soon
I'm a better person with you
With you

I know we're just friends
But I don't want this feeling to end
Loved it when you laid in my bed
Wish you didn't live so far down the coast
I wish we lived in the same town
I loved having you around
Track Name: In This Country
I need money, I need money
For my CD, for my CD
The guy who made it for me said there's a fee
Rent's due, I have no food
What should I do?

In this country you can't be free
Unless you got that dough re mi
In this country you can't be free
Unless you got that money

21st century, 21st century
Music scene, music scene
Can't make it in the music scene unless you
Bag that dirty green
Track Name: Change
I'm sitting in Seattle as the rain comes down
Trying to find something better than a sad frown
It's a cool place with unusual pace
Nobody waits til they rush into place
Seems like it's that way everywhere today

I don't know if I can take it anymore
I'm so done
People don't listen anymore
They run away, they just ignore
I don't know if I can live in a world
Where people can't unfurl
A sad world that stripped love away
Wrote it down on a Facebook page

What are we going to do now?
Pushing buttons that we don't know
As we let the machines take control
We created them but they own us
For them we deplete the beauty of Earth
We dig up our roots, close our eyes to the truth

Money is so cheap
It's all these people need
There's so much more in life to go soul searching for
Remember what makes the world turn
Love, respect, goals that were hard to earn

Money doesn't matter, it's just a piece of paper
But it's what guys need if we're going to date her
I sit alone waiting for some bright light
I'm going somewhere better, I'm out of sight
Unless you want to make a better way
Then I won't fade away, I'll stay
But we gotta change
Because this world's so sick and twisted
And I can't take it anymore, I'm done
There's no more fun anymore in this world anymore
That's it, I'm through, I'm done
We gotta change
Track Name: Everywhere
Everywhere I go people tested
Everywhere I go people bested
Everywhere I go it's congested
Those yuppies everywhere
We're infested

Everywhere I look those yuppies appear
Everywhere I look it's hipsters filled with fear
Everywhere I look they want more
As they keep down the poor
Thinking we're gonna knock in their door

Thoughts of suicide creep up in the mind
When you've been beaten down time after time
These people just don't understand
Born with everything in the right hand

Everywhere I go
Venice Beach, San Francisco
Up and down the coast
Kickin out the people who loved it the most
Kickin out the people who called it their home

Everywhere I go
People can't see what I've seen
And I can't be what they want me to be
And I don't give a fuck
As those chickens go cluck, cluck, cluck
No, I don't give a fuck
Track Name: Think They're Better Than Me
As I walk on down the street people stand and see
They see my spikes and leather
Don't know what to make of me
They think they're better than me

I can't take it anymore
They blame me, even the whores
I've grown so sick and sore
It's door after closed door
And people see what they want to see
They think they're better than me

I'm sick of line after line
Tired of their judging eyes
Wait for the stars to burn out
Fill their hearts with doubts

And they think they're better than me
Track Name: Kill Them All
I don't care what you think
Just leave me alone
Let me live my life
Put down the rusty knife
Human race sucks
They pollute and don't give a fuck

As the human race falls
You take it all
You watch as the helpless die
And you kill them all

Your deception never delays all the pain and heartache
It's your turn to pay
Everyone waits for you to say
"Don't panic, everything is ok"
All the pain and heartache
It's your turn to pay
Track Name: Don't Know What to Say
Your life is passing you by
And you don't know what to do
There's a girl sitting on a Muni train
But you don't know what to say
I know how you feel, I've been there too
In fact it's what I'm going through

And you don't know what to say

There's a girl sitting right over there
But you bury yourself in a book
But just for one moment there
Your eyes move up and take a look

But it's not enough to live with

I don't know what to talk about
There's Twitter and Facebook, social media
It's all twisted and insane
It's all cut up inside your brain

And I don't know what to say
Track Name: She's Gone
You came all this way to find her
All the way up the coast
But she is already dead
She's fucked up in the head
She's gone

You feel like your life was burned
You don't know which way to turn
You feel like you've been through hell
It's something I know so well
Now she's screaming on a street corner
Yelling at some random person
But I still love her
And she doesn't belong
And neither do I
She's gone
Track Name: Government Quarantine
Got a problem with the bums in the subway system
They won’t leave, can’t be bought or sold
Sound proof bubble, can't hear them scream or shout
You fence them in and scare them out
With a government quarantine

86 the homeless from MacArthur
Purge the vagrants from the bulb
Get rid of them by any means
Get rid of them with a government quarantine
CDC and the marines
Barbwire fence goes on for miles and miles
Medical jargon and a fake disease
Government quarantine
Track Name: This Society
Every day I try to do something new
Swift actions without delay
But it just stays the same
Rejection cuts so deep
Into my veins it seeps
In my heart I keep
Everything is weighing down on me
They want me to work 9 to 5 just to survive
They don't care if I feel alive

This society, society, society
Crashing down on me
Blinded by what you hear
Deafened by what you see
This society, society, society

They want you to work 9 to 5
Don't care if you're dead or alive
They feed off your hard work
But I will thrive
I'll catch the stars that are falling down from the sky

This society, society, society
Crashing down on me
Blinded by what you hear
Deafened by what you see
This society, society, society
It's not real for me